Bhangore-II Block
South 24 Parganas

Bhangore II - Health Centre

Block Primary Health Centre

Name of BPHC Jirangachha BPHC
Number of Bed 55
Indoor / Outdoor facility Both Facilities are available
Name of BMOH Dr. Amina Mariam
Contact details of BMOH 9733778473
Name of Medical Officer Dr. Kabir Hossain
Contact details of MO 9681813631


Primary health centre

Sl. No. Name of PHC Number of Bed Indoor / Outdoor facility Name of Medical Officer Incharge Contact details of MO incharge
01 Bhangar PHC, Tona PHC NIL Outdoor facility only Dr. Soren for Bhangar PHC Dr. Tarai for Tona PHC Contact of Bhangar PHC MO Incharge- 9903017007 Contact of Tona PHC MO Incharge- 9674363546