Joynagar - II Block
South 24 Parganas

Joynagar II - Economy

Main earning source of people

  • In the Jaynagar II CD block in 2011, among the class of total workers, cultivators numbered 14,804 and formed 15.88%, agricultural labourers numbered 33,952 and formed 36.41%, household industry workers numbered 12,219 and formed 13.10% and other workers numbered 24,467 and formed 34.60%.Total workers numbered 93,240 and formed 36.98% of the total population, and non-workers numbered 158,924 and formed 63.02% of the population.
  • In the blocks of the region situated in the close proximity of the Kolkata metropolis, overwhelming majority are involved in the non-agricultural sector for their livelihood. On the other hand, in the Sundarbans settlements, overwhelming majority are dependent on agriculture. In the intermediate region, there is again predominance of the non-agricultural sector. Though the region is not very close to Kolkata, many places are well connected and some industrial/ economic development has taken place.

Main Industries